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  • I have met a gentleman on your site and we are thinking seriously about getting married. I am living in Miami, Florida and him in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I think my story can very helpful for a lot of couples just like us. If you want we can videotape our wedding which will be celebrated on the 28th of this month.  We want to announce to the world our joy, thanks to your site. Thanks again.
        - Miami, FL
  • I have no further need to use your services. You provided me with what I was looking for and for that, I thank you. It wouldn’t be fair to the man I m interested in to keep my account open to just look for free. He deserves my complete attention. Again, thank you.
        - Hurricane, UT
  • The Lord has blessed me with my soul mate through this site. He has decided to relocate to California and we will be getting married in September. Thank you!
        - RanchoCucamonga, CA
  • After just a month of subscription I found the love of my life and we got married about a month after we met each other. Now we are happily married.
        - Houston, TX
  • I found my soul mate, the love of my life. My Rita is that love of my life!! I did find Rita at this site-- SO GOD BLESS AND THANK YOU
        - Saint Paul, MN
  • You have a good site but I do not need it anymore. I will encourage others to use the site. I found myself a girlfriend now. -Mike
        - Archbold, OH
  • I found the most amazing and special woman ever...We are taking it slow but I AM PRAYING SHE WILL SAY YES WHEN THE TIME COMES
        - Texarkana, TX
  • I deleted my profile and I am happy. I have met my soul mate in your site and am enjoying a happy ending.
        - NorthYork, ON
  • Found a positive the process of working on this new found relationship. Thanks for this site.
        - Macon, GA
  • I found someone, thank you. This is a great site and if it doesn't work out I will be back. Thanks a lot
        - Wetumpka, AL
  • I met a wonderful man on here and no longer need the service. Thank you for helping my find my dream.
        - Big Spring, TX
  • I found the woman of my dreams or she found me. Either way….. We found each other. Thank You!
        - Jacksonville, FL
  • I've found the one I want to be with and I will marry him! Thank you for your help!
        - Dublin, OH
  • Good site. My friend met his wife on this site. I have met someone special as well.
        - Escondido, CA
  • I met someone very special and we are together (forever) and I thank you very much
        - Cromwell, CT


Meet Single Marriage Minded Women

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Single women looking for a husband find great success in the Marriage Minded People Meet community. Connect with intelligent, single men interested in marriage today.


Meet Single Marriage Minded Men

Free to Browse

Marriage minded men enjoy great success in the Marriage Minded People Meet community. Create a personal with our marriage minded dating site and meet single women looking for a husband.



  I met the man of my dreams. Thank you so much, I could not be happier ...CJ  

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